Design and Project Engineering of stops within the section of the Saarbahn project operated according to the Heavy Rail regulations EBO

Rail and bus connections in Kleinblittersdorf and Brebach

Modernization of the stations on the railway line Saarbruecken-Sarreguemines within the Saarbahn project.

The modernization of the stops required design work and safety engineering, roofing, superstructures, repair of platform surfaces, drainage; measures to enable barrier-free access, such as lift systems; reorganization of the station apron; design of the passenger information points. The project was implemented in close coordination with the German Federal railways, DB AG, the federal railway authority EBA and the Saarbahn operator.

Services provided by Rail Consult:

  • Project Management and site supervision of the station of Brebach (reconstruction of the entrance, repair of the central platform and partial demolition of the Control Center)
  • Project Management of the reconstruction of the stop at Guiding (repair of central platform and realization of an barrier-free access as well as water drainage and superstructures)
  • Project Management for the new build stop at Buebingen North (two new platforms including superstructures as well as adjustments to the railway infrastructure)
  • Project Management and site supervision of the reconstruction of the station at Kleinblittersdorf (repair of platform for track 1, new build of track 3 and central platform, adaptation of the catenary and the signaling, demolition measures)

Contact    Dipl.-Ing. Erwin Strohm - nl.leipzig(at)